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How? Whew! 25.02.2011
Two Roses and a Thorn 25.02.2011
Sunless Days: Someone Stole the Show, Sad It Wasn't You 05.02.2011
Sunless Days: When There Was Us 05.02.2011
missing chances 01.07.2010
What Gives 10.03.2010
crying fake tears 10.03.2010
who 23.02.2010
From the Nucleus 24.04.2009
What Gives 24.04.2009
I Am a Mistake 24.04.2009
Ask and Hear 04.04.2009
Of Hotel Bookings and their Restrictions 04.04.2009
just about anything 24.09.2008
That Guy, That Daybreak 19.09.2008
Episode: Marco Polo Plaza Hotel Cebu Blessing 01.08.2008
sumilon discovery: a trip to the island getway 01.08.2008