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there are a number of things this earth that often annoy me. close-minded freakos who are up only for their own sake, wreckless drivers with smoky wheels running across and against my path, ant-brained fellows who act as if they have laurels on their heads, preppy good looks and well sculpted physiques that are completely out from my touch, dumb street audience who are wasting time on street corners, the brained populace who act as if they are out of sense, people who are with power who don't know how to manage what they are bestowed with, demanding lil rats running on my corridors, cramped linen left unwashed, slits for eyes looking at me, big mouths cursing at my back. et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. and the list goes on.

i am not perfect. but a struggling lil perfectionist. i might be ill-minded at times. i might be thinking creepy. but i am just a lil poor boy left wading thru the murky depths of this vast swamp called life.

i am what you percieve me to be. you're old enough to make sound judgements. i care less. whatever your opinion is, be it.

you would know if i disagree on things if you'll see me outwitting you. and i dont want it when people would be out-witted.

i want to go out and have a taste of practically everything sweet and nice. but i am not closing my doors to stupidity and bitterness.

CTCs wont be entertained. no brainer questions would be dumped. boring talks are unwanted. friendships and ONSs are welcome.

Posted by bondabe 03:39

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