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That Guy, That Daybreak

and everything else in between

I have been lurking around bars and party places with friends since time immemorial - filling our system with alcohol and nicotine and satisfying a little bit of carnal cravings. Sure this one would offend the traditional and the conservative minds. Hence, my apologies (if you are not prepared to read explicit stuff, refrain from reading on).

Before I go further, I would like this one fact known: I go out with male friends and we hunt for the species of our denomination.

One lazy weekday, I was with a couple of guy friends dancing our night out with the usual dosage of alcohol and vitamin N (N for nicotine) at a bar along Mango Av named Stiletto (now Numero Doce occupies its space after the latter ceased operations).

Click! We started dancing at around ten in the evening and our energy reserve can still power a subdivision for a night. We danced our way to drunkenness. And when everything seemed to have revolved around our heads, we started to get outta control. More like breaking out from a state of fixation and going into insanity or whatever you may wanna call it.

At around three in the morning I found myself on the dance floor near the bar with my friends. We earned some alien stares from the people around, it was like there are a number of eyes (slits more like) from around the darkened walls. I cared less.

Further on, I caught a glimpse of this guy staring at me, smiling.

I dismissed his stares. "He might be smiling at his reflection in the glass," I thought as I turned my back on him to look at the glass wall behind me. He continuously stared at me - somewhat insistent, somewhat provoking.

As if spreading myself to submission, I returned his smile.

The next moment, he was wading his way through the fool-flooded dance floor, walking towards me. In a millisecond, he anchored his hands on my waist, gyrating his loins against mine. I was caught under the threshold that separates aberration and actuality. I remained still. But as his impulse remained rather constant, I gained ground and went with the flow.

For a flashing moment, images of two masculine forms in union flashed on my already twisted mind. But I decided not to entertain those images and shifted my mind to the guy I am dancing with. He was about my height five feet five inches at least, about my built, a long nose, a pair of magnetic eyes…

Click! We were gyrating, loin against loin, chest against chest.

At first it was just a dance, a daring dance. I look at him straight in the eyes and both spelled something that turned me on. I can't go specific but yeah. Then he smiled and so I did. His thin lips parted and i saw his tongue licking his upper teeth. I did the same. Moments onwards, he stuck his tongue out. And so I did.

The somatic temperature went high and the heat's substratum were both our loins. Surely 'twasnt fever, is it? The magnitude of the situation gravitated and pinned me to a state of utter lunacy.

His teasing tongue was like a snake slithering out from its hole, looking for a prey to invade.

The perfect combination of alcohol and insanity told me to stuck mine out too. And so I did.

‘Twas just that at first – sticking our tongues out, never touching anything than the nicotine-filled air inside the bar.

Click! The heat intensified and I was surprised by my own action. Our faces went closer slowly and the next thing I knew, our tongues twisted, intertwined and were battling like swords, only, soft, wet and hot.

As the time progressed, your mouths connected. He expertly sucked both my lower and upper lips. And he sucked my tongue too. After every kiss, would break into smiles.

More things happened as daybreak cut in.

Click! I found myself on the ledge with that guy. The heat further intensified. He reached for my crotch, my butt cheeks and the portion where my a-hole is. He even went as far as licking my tummy. Cool! I shouted deep within.

Between what I call "takes", doses of alcohol were handed to me (courtesy of the guy) and my system was more than eager to drink up.

Have I been so imprisoned that I am acting like I broke out from jail? Is it the alcohol or the nicotine perhaps? Or is it the real me?

The constant lip and tongue sucking went on until we decided to call it a day. Time for us to go part ways – me with my friends and him with himself as he was alone that night.

Click! On the stair landing outside the bar, he went after me handing yet another serving of alcohol. One more dose then another torrid kiss and then we bid goodbye to each other.

"What a night!" I screamed to myself.

Click! Moments later on the roadside while waiting for our ride, he was again at my back. Before taking his ride, he motioned for another kiss but I refused. "Crazy!" I told myself. "This might be the last!" But no. The single strand of insanity that bound my brain to my head restrained me.

Click! He was gone. But with a promise. "See you!"

Click! Back to reality. (mirror+echo)

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